CSME 2023 Annual General Members Meeting Notice

The 2023 Annual General Members Meeting of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering was held as follows:

Date:            30 May 2023
Time:            1:30 PM – 2 PM EDT
Location:     Room C1-4127, Engineering Bldg, University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, QC, and via ZOOM

Attendance: CSME professional members in good standing may register to attend an AGM in person or virtually by emailing a request to Guy Gosselin, Exec Dir - ggosselin.eic@gmail.com no later than two weeks prior to the meeting (note that pre-registration is required).

Proxy voting: CSME members in good standing may elect to have a proxyholder attend, act and vote on their behalf at an AGM mtg by completing and emailing this proxy form (click to download) to Guy Gosselin, Exec Dir - ggosselin.eic@gmail.com no later than one month prior to the meeting (registration for proxy voting is now open).

The 2023 AGM mtg minutes (click to download) contains the following reports to be approved by general members: (i) Audited 2022 financial statements, (ii) 2023 Report of the CSME Nominating Committee, as well as the minutes of the last AGM.