The CSME Bulletin, a magazine published twice a year, is a forum for dissemination of new and interesting articles for all members of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering. The scope of this publication covers a broad spectrum of topics on all aspects of the practice and the art of Mechanical Engineering. Typical articles in the recent past have included discussion of major industrial projects and survey articles on Mechanical Engineering education.

The editorial team (see e-mail addresses below) welcomes input regarding past or prospective stories. Further details are available in the Bulletin's Editorial Policy/Guidelines (click to download). In addition, you may consult the Editorial Team responsibilities (click to view).

Promotional advertisements may be placed in any Bulletin issue at relatively low rates: $400 (column), $500 (half page) and $800 (full page). For details, please contact Nina Haikara at bulletin@csme-scgm.ca.

Since 2012, all CSME Bulletin issues may be downloaded in pdf (see links below).

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Editorial Team

Editor, Bulletin / Rédacteur, Bulletin 

Pouya Rezai, MCSME
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
York University
Toronto, Ontario
Email: pouya.rezai@lassonde.yorku.ca

Associate Editor, Bulletin / Rédacteur associé, Bulletin 

Marc Secanell, MCSME
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Email: secanell@ualberta.ca

Technical Editors, Bulletin / Rédacteurs technique, Bulletin 

Ryan Willing, MCSME
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
Email: rwilling@uwo.ca

Sayyed Ali Hosseini, MCSME
Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Ontario Tech University
Oshawa, Ontario
Email: SayyedAli.Hosseini@ontariotechu.ca

Art Director, Bulletin /Directeur Artistique , Bulletin 

Nina Haikara
Email: bulletin@csme-scgm.ca