Application for CSME position

CSME Members may apply for Board of Directors' positions/roles at any time. The current Application/Nomination process is as follows:

Nominations to the Board of Directors:

  1. The Nominating Committee of the CSME shall be composed of members of the Executive Committee, and other members if deemed necessary and selected by the Executive Committee. The most immediate living Past-President shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee.
  2. Each year, the Nominating Committee shall submit a report containing a recommended slate of candidates for all CSME Board positions at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting of Members (AGM), at which place and time formal appointments or elections are to be held.
  3. No fewer than 90 days prior to CSME's annual general meeting, the Nominating Committee shall seek applications/expressions of interest from eligible Members for possible nomination as Directors for the available positions. This notice may be sent by email to all members or be placed in the previous fall issue of the Bulletin.
  4. To be considered for nomination to the Board of Directors, a CSME Member in good standing must apply by submitting an expression of interest to the Nominating Committee. Such applications must identify the CSME position of interest, why they are interested, and include their curriculum vitae.
  5. If any vacancy occurs (due to resignation or termination) in any Board of Directors position other than that of President, the Nominations shall review recent applications, or solicit new ones, in order to present nominations to the Board of Directors to fill the vacancy as soon as possible. The CSME President may appoint any CSME member to act in a vacant position, with voting privileges if applicable, until formal appointment is approved at the next AGM.

Application for Board Position/Role:

To apply, please submit a completed application form, together with a brief resume, to:

Sushanta Mitra, CSME Chair of Nominations Committee (

Cc: Guy Gosselin, CSME Executive Director (

Your personal information will be kept confidential.