Farbod Khameneifar, MCSME  


Sayyed Ali Hosseini, MCSME


The committee’s principal mandate is to represent CSME members active within the manufacturing sector. A major duty is to organize a Symposium on Manufacturing (SM) at the annual CSME Congress; other responsibilities include the promotion of TC opportunities within the manufacturing community, participation in the Symposium on Manufacturing by submitting or reviewing papers, and communicating with session participants.


Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing, Automation, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, Computer-Aided Inspection, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Twin, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Industry 4.0, Machining, Manufacturing Metrology, Product-Development Cycle, Rapid Prototyping, Remanufacturing, Smart Manufacturing.

Membership List: 

  • Jana Abou Ziki (Ontario Tech University) Glass Micro-Machining, Surface Functionalization, Precision Manufacturing
  • Keivan Ahmadi (University of Victoria) Machining, Digital Manufacturing
  • Hamid Akbarzadeh (McGill University) 3D Printed Architected Materials, Advanced Manufacturing of Multifunctional Materials, Metamaterials
  • Ahmad Barari (Ontario Tech University)
  • Daolun Chen (Ryerson University) Advanced Materials, Welding and Joining
  • Zengtao Chen (University of Alberta) Metal Forming, Materials Modelling, Nanotechnology
  • Aleksander Czekanski (York University) Additive Manufacturing, Bioprinting, Computational and Experimental Mechanics
  • Fereydoon Diba (Fleming College) Additive Manufacturing, Automation, Industry 4.0, Product-Development Cycle
  • Lucas Hof (ETS) Advanced Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Hybrid Machining  
  • Sayyed Ali Hosseini (Ontario Tech University) Additive Manufacturing, Hybrid Manufacturing, Machining, Surface Integrity, Process Modelling and Optimization
  • Farbod Khameneifar (Polytechnique Montreal) 3D Metrology, Digital Manufacturing, CAD/CAM, Computer-Aided Inspection, Digital Twin
  • Mohammad Khondoker (University of ReginaAdditive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Polymer Processing, Functional Materials
  • Matt Khoshdarregi (University of Manitoba) Industrial Robotics, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
  • Tsz Ho Kwok (Concordia University) Design for Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Industry 4.0
  • Qingjin Peng (University of Manitoba) Digital Manufacturing, Product Design for Personalization, System Modeling and Simulation
  • Carolyn Ren (University of Waterloo) Droplet Microfluidics, Soft Robots and Sensors, Microwave Sensing
  • Fengfeng Xi (Ryerson University)
  • Mostafa Yakout (University of Alberta) Additive Manufacturing, Fabrication of Next-Generation Materials, Laser Processing, Multiphysics Modelling of Manufacturing Processes
  • Sheng Yang (University of Guelph) Sustainable Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Digital Twin, Industrial AI

Current Activities:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Symposium at 2024 CSME UofT Congress; Toronto, Canada, May 26-29, 2024

Past Activities:

  • Manufacturing Symposium at 2023 CSME USherbrooke Congress; Sherbrooke, Canada, May 28-31, 2023 
  • Advanced Manufacturing Symposium at 2022 CSME UAlberta Congress
  • Advanced Manufacturing Symposium at 2021 CSME UPEI Congress 
  • Advanced Manufacturing Symposium at 2020 CSME UPEI Congress 
  • Advanced Manufacturing Symposium at 2019 CSME University of Western Ontario Congress