Heat Transfer


Sunny Li, MCSME


Sébastien Poncet


The committee’s principal mandate is to represent CSME members active within the heat transfer sector. A major duty is to organize a Symposium on Heat Transfer (SHT) at the annual CSME Congress; other responsibilities include the promotion of TC opportunities within the heat transfer community, participation in the SHT through submission and/or review of papers, and communication with the Canadian Heat Transfer community.

The committee is also responsible for nominating delegates, when positions are open, to represent the Candian Heat Transfer Community on both the Assembly for the International Heat Transfer Conference (AIHTC) - 2 delegates, and the International Center for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT) - 1  delegate.


boiling, condensation, conduction, convection, heat exchanger, melting, phase change, solidification, thermal design, thermal engineering, radiation.

List of Past Chairs: (click to access)

Committee Terms of Reference: (click to download)

Membership List:

  • Xili Duan (Memorial University of Newfoundland) phase change heat transfer, multiphase flow
  • Maciej Floryan, FCSME (Western University) natural/mixed convection, thermal instability problems 
  • Dominic Groulx, FCSME (Dalhousie University) solid-liquid phase change, thermal storage and management, conduction
  • Sunny Li (University of British Columbia) thermal management, multiphase flow, boiling
  • Sébastien Poncet (Université de Sherbrooke) CFD, nanofluids, phase-change materials, conjugated heat transfer
  • Anthony Straatman, FCSME (Western University) CFD, conjugate heat transfer modeling, porous materials

Current Activities:

Future Conferences of interest to the Committee Membership:

  • Seminars organised or co-organised by the TC Heat Transfer (click to access).
  • IHTC-17: 17th International Heat Transfer Conference, to take place in Cape Town (South Africa) - August 8-12, 2022.

Past Activities:

  • Symposium on Heat Transfer, as part of the CSME-CFDSC Congress 2019 (June 2-5, 2019) held at Western University.
  • Symposium on Heat Transfer, as part of the CSME 2018 International Congress (May 27-30, 2018) held at York University on the special subject of Phase Change Materials and their Applications.