Welcome to CSME's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee! This new committee was established by the board in Nov 2023.

Chair: Cuiying Jian, Ph.D., MCSME, York University

Membership: TBD


Develop, implement and monitor EDI-related CSME initiatives; advise the CSME leadership on EDI matters; and promote EDI-related CSME activities. As per other standing committees, the Chair  sits on the Board of Directors with full voting privileges.

Initial Priorities:

(1) Approach and appoint members with expertise or interest in EDI and representing diverse backgrounds, including gender, ethnicity, and age. It is further recommended that this standing committee be composed of min. 5 and max. 7 members, among which at least 50% would come from underrepresented groups. In addition, it is suggested to have a non-voting (ex-officio) member (CSME president or vice-president);
(2) Develop formal Terms of Reference including mandate, responsibilities and membership structure (for publication on the committee’s webpage). It is recommended that the current report serves as an initial set of Terms of References for the standing committee to revise and finalize;
(3) Propose a CSME policy statement on EDI (also for publication on webpage);
(4) Start implementing other activities recommended in this TF on EDI report.

Current Activities: TBD

Past Activities: n/a